21 April 2009

Revenge of the Sith PIxel (Or why Star Wars III Needs Blu Ray)

So I've been packing all of my shit for the my imminent move to our new apartment, and I decided to put my favorite brain auto-pilot movie on: Star Wars III. I know people really liked the movie... but people like lots of bad movies (Spider Man III anyone?) with bad actors (Will Ferrell much). It's either my 4th or 5th favorite Star Wars movie, since I think that Attack of the Clones was actually fairly well acted, Return of the Jedi is far more important and epic a "Final Chapter" than E3, and that Empire is the best science fiction movie ever created.

What E3 does do for me, however, is provide me with the best produced Star Wars film of the trilogies: excellent effects and sound, well lit and edited, and more richly set than most movies I've ever seen. Its for all these reasons that I love to run this disc when I'm doing things that otherwise require my thoughts; by doing other (in this isntance, packing), I can ignore the part of the movie that ruins the film: the acting (although, McGregor is fucking ridiculous in all of the movies.). Watching this movie on a tv that is only limited by the resolution of the source media, I'm realizing how this movie could end my Quest for the Best Blu-Ray. As I sit here and see all the artifacts that turn up during stable coverage shots, I can't wait for the release of the two trilogies on BD... just as long as Lucas doesn't go and fuck with the ending pf Empire or add Jar-Jar Binks to the cast of characters in the Mos Eisley bar or on Jabba's Sail Barge.

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