06 April 2009

Prequal to the Sequal of the Epic of Captain Blogbeard

I'm sitting here scoping the Watchmen Motion Comic and thought I might give a little bit of insight into this blog, what it's all about, and the kind of format I'm going for.

A lot of blogs out there tend to focus on one thing or another: reviews of movies, music, events, things, or events; stream of consciousness about everyday events; life in a local or travel to a multitude of places. But its not very often I come across something that has both a breadth of scope as well as a depth of perspective.  The result was for me to come up with a few pet projects and discuss them in this blog so that maybe I have a nice little archive of topics I'm interested in while presenting a single point of view about a bunch of different topics.

I'm guessing that a lot of these posts will have some overlapping subject matter... I don't see the point in discussing, for instance,the Watchmen Motion Comic without also talking about the Watchmen Movie or Comic. A post might, however, focus on one thing or another, like cigars or one of the city's festivals. Or maybe it will be about both, even though they're not necessarily related.

I'm looking forward to commenting on the following:

Media: This would include movies, music, and literature.  I'll probably do a bit of a review about a topic, and bring in some perspective about my viewing, as opposed to just a straight discussion of the product.

Cigars: I've found quite a few excellent cigar blogs out there. StogieReview, for instance, is an excellent source for discussion of excellent brands.  These guys, however, have the luxury of taking as much time and money as they want to smoke a good stogie.  Chicago is a horribly smoking unfriendly town, however, so I always have to make cigar smoking an experience.  Also, I'm not the dude who is going to toss twenty-five dollars down for a single stick.  My mission is to talk about excellent value cigars and venues in which I smoke them.

Food: I've been telling people for years that I'm a fat kid inside.  Any time I have a great meal, I always look at it as a great time to discuss what's tasty, where it was, and why it was awesome.  This will fall into a) places I eat out, b) new and favorite recipes, and c) cooking adventures.

Beer / Spirits: If you want a dedicated resource for everything beer, visit BeerAdvocate.  Its a wonderful place for every beer snob on the internet to discuss why everyone else's beer choices blow.  But if I have a good brew, I'm going to trumpet it to everyone I know.  I'm also going to brag on a good deal at Binny's on Miller High Life.   Any new spirits I come across, I'm also likely to share, as well as any decent pubs/bars that specialize on microbrews, specialty beers, or are just downright dope places to hang out.

Geeky Bullshit: I've been patrolling the internet since chat rooms where giant scrolling frames and "content rich" meant that some guy re-wrote his HTML code twice a day to update his website.  The internet is like the climactic gun fight of a wild west movie that happens to be taking place on a rocket ship traveling near the speed of light.  What's hot today will not be in 3 Years.  Something like YouTube (but on heroine) will replace cable tv one day as the entertainment plane on which the world relies.... In the meantime, I'm going to watch fat guys make fun of things and hot chicks make sexy How To cooking videos. Anytime something interesting comes up, I'm going to post it, and you're going to ridicule my bad taste.

It must also be mentioned that I'm a big fan of video games. I'm not the professional video gamer kind of fan, but I will admit that I had to go through a 12-step program to get over my relationship with Fallout 3. The second step made me write a piece of paper promising I'd never name my Labrador "Dogmeat." Its also a charming good time to have a couple beers and play Rock Band, one of my favorite time wasters. Playing drums on it, though, has probably significantly helped my rhythm though.

Life: Because who doesn't like to talk about weird shit?

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