18 November 2009

A Sabbatical and Other Digital Periodicals (Or How I've Been Distracted)

I realized yesterday that, at work, I left both my ipod and my most current reading endevour, "Angels and Demons," at work in my rush rto get the hell out of Dodge yesterday. My entire trip home, I busied myself with my two favorite forms of mindless distraction: Facebook and TextsFromLastNight. While highly amusing and it helps to keep me looped in with what all my friends out of town are up to, I realized that it was a pretty boring, uncreative use of my time. Thus, once checking out again how to post blogs from my phone, I decided to mount my triumphant return to the Rome that is blogging.

Eh. Not much in blogger has changed. I'm really surprised at the lack of mobile options to tell you the truth, reminding me why twitter has become such a popular medium: easily accessible, extremely linkable, and very low commitment level.

I have noticed, however, that traffic on twitter of "mid-level" users (ie the everyday to twice a day tweeter) seems to be waning in both daily frequency and number of users posting. Perhaps an indication of the change in my social circle holed solely in the microverse that is my little pockmark on the internet? Or maybe seasonality? It could very easily also mean that twitter is slowly, but surely, biting the bucket. I'm still surprised, to this day, that people still use that infestation of comercialism and gathering place for all things that could be considered social cruft that is MySpace.

That being said, I did go to a mean Halloween party sponsored by MySpace for Ad Agency types, dressed, very appropriately I migh add, as a Mad Men type. The gin, however, could have been higher shelf, though.

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